Update on Nov 16th

Airdrop #1: CRONA Users - 1,000,000 CRONA to be airdropped

A: Testnet Airdrop

  • Airdrop amount: 300,000 CRONA

  • Airdrop rules: Distributed evenly accordingly to the number of whitelisted users.

  • Distribution time: 26 Nov 2021, 4am UTC

  • Distribution vesting: Linear release over 2 weeks

B: Mainnet Airdrop

  • Airdrop amount: 700,000 CRONA

  • Airdrop rules:

    1. Complete community interaction requirements: follow Twitter, repost tweets, join Telegram, and complete the airdrop form. +1 point

    2. Participate in actual transactions in one or all pools, calculated based on the number of transactions and transaction volume. +N points

    3. The amount of CRONA held: >10 (+1 point), >100 (+3 points), >1000 (+5 points), >5000 (+10 points)

  • Distribution rules: Linear release over 2 weeks.

  • Note: The airdrop decision was put to a community vote. The community has voted to burn CRONA instead of airdrop. Check results here.

Additional notes:

  • Data is calculated from the day of CronaSwap launch.

  • The more you participate in actual real transactions, the more rewards you will get.

  • Everyone is welcome to participate. Users who have participated in the testnet airdrop can choose to continue to participate in the mainnet airdrop too. And if so, they will not need to submit the airdrop form again.

  • The "amount of CRONA held" refers to either holding it in your wallet OR in a staking pool.

  • According to the different opinions of our community, we decided to conduct voting governance on the decision for mainnet airdrop. See results here. https://snapshot.org/#/cronachef.eth/proposal/0x54ef2209b31a21588cfaec8d6e38e8d6e7909fa2bb957ac14c73ac99e3171988

Airdrop #2: 2,000,000 CRONA - UNI, CAKE or SUSHI holders

  • Airdrop target: users who hold UNI, CAKE or SUSHI (UNI & SUSHI from Ethereum, CAKE from BSC)

  • Airdrop rules: When the second round of activities starts (expected to be 90 days later), further details will be announced.

  • Based on the feedback from our community, we have decided to hand over this airdrop decision to a community DAO on how and when we should do this.

Airdrop #1 Mainnet Airdrop community vote

Based on the feedback from our community regarding airdrop #1 Mainnet Airdrop, we have submitted a proposal on Snapshot for our community to vote on whether CRONA should be burned to achieve token deflation or to airdrop it to whitelisted winners as planned.

The statistics of CRONA holdings are from the following pools:

  • Auto CRONA Pool

  • Manual CRONA Pool




  • The CRONA balance of your wallet

Voting ended on 27 Dec 2021, 4am UTC.

The community has voted to burn CRONA. You can see the proposal results here.

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