How to participate

This page is not updated for the new version of IFO. Please stay tuned.

Click on the two tabs below to see how to participate in the IFO basic sale and IFO unlimited sale. The process will be slightly different.

You can see upcoming IFOs here:

Step 1: Before IFO – earn IFO credits by staking CRONA in the IFO CRONA pool to be eligible to participate

  • Click on “Enable” on the IFO CRONA pool to enable CRONA deposit (please prepare some CRO for gas to enable CRONA).

  • Click on “Stake” to bring up the staking modal.

  • Choose the amount of CRONA you want to stake in the pool. Click on “confirm” and approve the transaction.

  • Check your IFO credits which will determine your maximum commitment limit for IFO events. This is calculated by your average pool balance during the calculation period.

The above screenshots are using mock-up data.

Step 2: During IFO – when the IFO sale is live, commit your funds to the IFO event.

  • Click on “Commit USDC-USDT LP” to commit your LP tokens

  • After you have swapped for LP tokens, click on “Enable” to enable USDC-USDT LP deposit (please prepare some CRO for gas to enable CRONA).

  • Select the amount of LP tokens you would like to commit, and click “confirm” and approve the transaction.

Step 3: After IFO – claim the new tokens allocated to you based on your funds’ percentage in the pool.

In the case of an overflow, any of your unused tokens will be returned to you.

Wasn’t that easy? Now you can get your hands on brand new tokens and discover gem projects on CronaSwap.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on Telegram or Discord for support. Our team is always ready to help!

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