How to migrate to V2
A step-by-step guide on how to migrate from V1 to V2

Scenario: If you have liquidity in Farm V1

2. Click on โ€œFarm V1โ€.
3. Go to the pool you are in and select the โ€œunstakeโ€ button.
4. Then click on โ€œFarm V2โ€.
5. Select the exact same farm you were in from V1 and click on the โ€œstakeโ€ button.

Scenario: If you have funds in IFO pool from V1

2. Click on โ€œV1 (old)โ€ and it will bring you to this website.โ€‹
3. Select โ€œIFOโ€.
4. On the IFO CRONA pool, click on the minus button.
5. Select โ€œMaxโ€ and click on โ€œconfirmโ€.
6. Now you have unstaked your CRONA from v1! If you wish to stake your CRONA again, go back to v2.
7. To go to V2 Stake, go to this website.โ€‹
8. Click on the โ€œstake CRONAโ€ tab and enter the amount of CRONA you wish to stake.
If you still have any other questions, please reach out to support on Telegram or Discord!