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How to migrate to V2

A step-by-step guide on how to migrate from V1 to V2

Scenario: If you have liquidity in Farm V1

2. Click on “Farm V1”.
3. Go to the pool you are in and select the “unstake” button.
4. Then click on “Farm V2”.
5. Select the exact same farm you were in from V1 and click on the “stake” button.

Scenario: If you have funds in IFO pool from V1

2. Click on “V1 (old)” and it will bring you to this website.
3. Select “IFO”.
4. On the IFO CRONA pool, click on the minus button.
5. Select “Max” and click on “confirm”.
6. Now you have unstaked your CRONA from v1! If you wish to stake your CRONA again, go back to v2.
7. To go to V2 Stake, go to this website.
8. Click on the “stake CRONA” tab and enter the amount of CRONA you wish to stake.
If you still have any other questions, please reach out to support on Telegram or Discord!