Initial Farm Offering
For those who are new to IFO, fret not! We will go through a detailed guide on what IFOs are, how to participate in them, and everything else you need to know to get you ready!

What is IFO?

IFO is utilized as a type of fundraising event to help new projects raise capital through pre-sale events hosted by decentralized exchanges. Investors like yourself can participate in the pre-sale events and purchase the new project’s tokens.
TLDR: CronaSwap’s IFO acts as a project launchpad and allows you to discover opportunities to purchase tokens of new projects on Cronos. veCRONA is needed to be eligible to participate in IFO basic sale. Your veCRONA will determine the maximum amount of funds you can commit to the IFO event. For IFO unlimited sale, you do not need veCRONA. Stablecoins (USDC) can be used to commit your funds to the IFO sale.
To learn more about veCRONA, please check out this guide.

Benefits of IFO with CronaSwap

CronaSwap users:
You get first dibs and exclusive access to the purchase of tokens of new projects before it gets listed. By being one of the first to purchase new tokens, you get to benefit from higher rewards. Keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting opportunities we will bring to you on CronaSwap!
New projects:
Raise funds and create initial liquidity for your new project via our IFO.
Launch your project with CronaSwap, the premier AMM DEX on Cronos, to help bring your token directly to our active and growing community on Cronos!