📊CRONA Tokenomics

CRONA is our native token that powers our AMM+DEX ecosystem.

We explore its use cases below:

  • You can buy CRONA from our exchange.

  • Earn CRONA as rewards from staking LP tokens in our Farms.

  • Stake it in Launch Pools to earn free CRONA tokens.

  • Use it in yield farms to earn even more CRONA.

  • Buy lottery tickets in the CronaSwap Lottery.

  • Vote on proposals relating to the CronaSwap ecosystem.

But that's not all -- there's much more on the horizon for CRONA!

Token Detail

Token Symbol


Total Supply


Initial Circulating Supply

49,950,000 CRONAs

Initial Market Cap

$7,992,000 (LISTING PRICE $0.16)


Yes (*Deflationary Mechanics)


~1.90 per second (~ 164383.5 CRONAs/day)

Out of these 49,950,000 tokens, 3,000,000 CRONA tokens will be used to secure the initial liquidity. This is done to ensure our users can make exchanges and experience all the features of the platform from the very beginning.

Initial supply allocation

The initial mint will be 16.65% of the Total Max Supply and will be broken down as follows:

Allocation Category% of Max SupplyNumber of Tokens

Initial Liquidity



Seed Sale



Private Sale



Public Sale






Community Airdrops



Locked Developer Funds



If you would like to know more about our Private Sale information, DM us on Telegram: https://t.me/CronaChef

TimeLock Schedule

  • Initial liquidity was provided at $0.16, seeded by $800k (400k CRO, 400k CRONA) and time-locked (365 days).

  • Developer funds are locked into a dev timelock contract and has a vesting period of 365 days.

  • Early investors have a 1-year linear lock up (unlocked on a per-second basis), locked into the VC timelock contracts.

Remaining Supply for Emission

After the initial mint, the remaining 83.35% of supply will be minted, following our Emissions Schedule.

  • In the first year, there will be a total of 60 million tokens released.

  • After 365 days, this will be reduced by 1/5, thus there will be a total of 48 million tokens released in Year 2.

  • In Year 3, there will be a total of 38.4 million tokens released. And so on. This will allow CRONA to reach an asymptotic 84% of 300 million.

  • Once the total supply reaches 300 million, emissions will cease.

The emission schedule can be modified via a decentralized governance vote every year.

Allocation Category% of Max Supply AllocatedNumber of Tokens

LP Farm / Launch Pool



Community treasury



  • The community treasury funds will be controlled by a Multi-signature DAO.

  • According to the classic SushiSwap model, 7.67% of all emissions are reserved for the community treasury to fund future CronaSwap development and expansion. The treasury will be governed by the community once the CronaDAO is established.

  • After the CronaDAO is established, the emission schedule, total supply and protocol utility of the CRONA token can be modified via a decentralized governance vote.

Deflationary Mechanism

All deflationary mechanism can be controlled via a decentralized governance vote.

  • 0.05% of every trade made on CronaSwap.

  • 20% from all the purchased lottery tickets are used for token burning.

  • 2% of every yield harvest in the Auto Compound Pool.

  • Other products that will be launched in the future can also consider the deflation mechanism.

* The deflationary mechanism is not yet active and will commence once the DAO is established.

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