Connect with CronaSwap on DeFi Wallet

Need to perform transactions on CronaSwap while on the go?

Now you can connect with CronaSwap via the in-app browser on the DeFi Wallet mobile app. The in-app browser allows you to interact with any DApps on Cronos Chain. Simply enter the URL to connect to the DApp, and you can also bookmark them for easy access.

Please follow the user guide below on how to connect with CronaSwap!

Step 1: Open your Defi Wallet mobile app

Step 2: Tap on the search bar on the Dapps page

Step 3: Enter this URL

Step 4: Click on the bookmark icon at the bottom to bookmark CronaSwap’s page on your app for easy access

Step 5: That’s it! CronaSwap will now appear under “Favorites” in your app. You can perform transactions easily on your mobile now.

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