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CronaSwap Lottery is a game of chance in which winners are selected randomly. Our lottery allows every user who bought at least one lottery ticket to get rewarded with huge CRONA prizes.


  • Valid lottery token: CRONA

  • Lottery ticket cost: $2 in CRONA

  • User entry limit: only 500 tickets can be bought in one go

  • Max number of tickets to be purchased at a time: unlimited

  • Duration: 12 hours for 1 lottery round

  • One lottery ticket gives a user a random 6-digit combination with each digit being between 0-9.

Lottery Ticket Cost & Bulk Purchase Discount

Lottery ticket price is set in the beginning of every round and targets the price of $2. However, this amount may vary with sudden price fluctuations. Our platform allows a user to save on expenses by purchasing multiple tickets at once.

Winning Criteria

The digits on your ticket must match in the correct order to win. Let's consider an example of a lottery draw with two different tickets, A and B.

  • Ticket A: The first 3 digits and the last 2 digits match, but the 4th digit is wrong. It means that this ticket only wins a "Match first 3" prize.

  • Ticket B: Even though the last 5 digits match, the first digit is wrong meaning this ticket does not win a prize.

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