Via DeFi wallet

By default, your CRO tokens are stored on the chain in the DeFi wallet (mobile app). You will need to transfer the tokens to the Cronos chain.

The good news is Cronos Bridge is already embedded in the DeFi wallet so you can transfer tokens seamlessly to Cronos directly from the wallet.

Step 1: On your wallet’s homepage (on the mobile app), scroll down until you see the Cronos Bridge tool and tap on it.

Step 2: In the “From” field, select Mainnet. In the “To” field, select Cronos Beta.

Step 3: Enter the number of tokens you wish to transfer and tap on the “Transfer CRO” button to confirm it. Remember to leave some CRO tokens in your wallet for transaction/gas fees!

Tip – always send a small test amount when trying a new process the first time.

Step 4: You will arrive at the confirmation page that reflects the network fee and bridge service fee. Tap on “Confirm to Transfer”.

Step 5: Your request has been submitted and it will take about 1 minute for the bridging process to complete.

Step 6: Your bridge transfer is completed once you see this page! Your tokens are now on the Cronos chain.

Step 7: To check if your tokens are on the right chain, you may use the Cronos Bridge tool on the mobile app again to see if the balance is correct. Alternatively, you can also login to the Wallet Extension (Chrome extension) and select “Cronos Beta” from the drop-down list to view your transferred tokens.

Step 8: Now you can head to and click on “Connect Wallet”.

Step 9: Select “ DeFi wallet”.

Step 10: A pop-up notification will appear and click on “Allow” to connect your wallet on CronaSwap. And that’s it! Feel free to start using the features on CronaSwap such as Swap, Farm and Launch Pools.

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